• Removable Insole

    Gone are the days of sacrificing fashion for foot health! Klouds shoes feature removable footbeds for those wearers who require custom orthotics. Select Silver Lining styles feature a removable insole.
  • Leather Upper

    All Klouds and Silver Lining styles feature quality leather uppers and lining. Wearing leather that is soft against the skin helps to increase comfort during wear and provides improved breathability, encouraging a healthy foot environment.
  • Arch Support

    Arch support evenly distributes body weight across the plantar surface (sole of the foot), which helps to reduce pressure to the vertebrae and support the spine. Arch support also aids in reducing foot fatigue and improving alignment and comfort.
  • STRATIFORM Technology

    Klouds patented STRATIFORM foam cushioning system really does feel like you’re walking on clouds. The combination of memory foam and a cellular design helps to provide comfort and stability with every step in a lightweight, low-profile innersole.
  • Stabilising Shank

    Stabilising shanks increase stability when walking and help to prevent the shoe from twisting outside of your natural range of motion and aid in maintaining a neutral foot position.
  • Polyutherane (PU) Sole

    Klouds new and improved PU sole is ultra-lightweight without compromising on durability. It helps to protect your joints and vertebrae from impact and features contoured traction that aids slip resistance.
  • Stretchable Leather

    Stretch leather allows for controlled flexibility across the upper of the foot and is beneficial for wearers with bunions and hammertoes. The flexible nature of the material also provides more width for wearers who need wide to extra-wide fittings.
  • Leather Sock and Lining

    Leather lining provides breathability which helps to maintain foot health and keep odour at bay. The soft nature of leather against the skin also aids in reducing abrasions caused by rubbing.
  • Strap Extensions

    Klouds shoes with strap extensions are great for wearers with an extra-wide fitting and help to provide a customised fit.
  • Forefoot Insoles

    All Klouds sandals come with complimentary forefoot insoles and accommodate ¾ orthotics meaning you never have to compromise on style for comfort again.