Klouds History

“It’s all for the customers, without customers we wouldn’t have a business.”

Paul Carroll
Founder, Klouds Australia

  • The Birth of Klouds

    Over 20 years of operating their own comfort footwear stores, Paul Carroll and his son John realised that sourcing footwear which was stylish as well as comfortable was becoming increasingly difficult.

    For too long customers would have to choose between comfort and style. In that moment they decided they were going to be the ones to provide the modern woman with both.

    Klouds sought to revolutionise comfort footwear, crafting beautiful women’s shoes that could accommodate common foot concerns such as plantar fasciitis, bunions and the need for orthotics.

    Paul and John undertook extensive consultations with podiatrists, physiotherapists and surgical bootmakers, always keeping the focus on creating footwear that addresses common concerns of their customers.

    In 2001 the first Klouds footwear was produced and by 2002 Klouds went national becoming a brand synonymous with comfort footwear retailers across Australia.

  • Klouds Goes Global

    In 2003 the Australian government approved select Klouds shoes as suitable medical grade footwear. A major achievement based on the brand’s superb technologies and superior materials.

    In the early 2010’s, Klouds went global! First distributing to New Zealand, and in 2013, the United States. Klouds wearers worldwide quickly came to love our comfortable and stylish shoes, and Klouds mission to spread the feeling comfort reached far and wide.

  • Look for the Silver Lining

    In 2008, the team noticed yet another gap in the comfort footwear market. Klouds had made its name providing stylish orthotic friendly shoes that catered to a wide range of foot concerns.

    However, women who didn’t yet need the functionality of an orthotic shoe or experienced foot concerns still craved comfort in their everyday footwear choices.

    After careful deliberation, thought and design, the Silver Lining brand joined the Klouds family. A beautiful blend of contemporary stylish design and new comfort technologies that provided hidden support, Silver Lining completed John and Paul’s mission.
  • Innovative Technology

    At Klouds, we are continually striving to improve the range of stylish, comfort footwear available for you. In 2014, Klouds introduced STRATIFORM Technology into the range. Aptly named after Stratiform clouds which layer themselves horizontally, this technology features layers of memory foam cushioning that envelops the unique curvatures of the wearer’s foot, providing cushioned comfort with every step.

    In 2015, Klouds introduced stretch leather to selected winter boot styles.

    This material was revolutionary for thousands of Klouds wearers who experienced foot problems. Our stretch leather allows for controlled flexibility across the upper of the foot, and helps to relieve foot pain associated to hammertoes, bunions and arthritis. The flexible nature of the material is also perfect for ladies requiring an extra-wide fitting.
  • Still Going Strong

    In 2016 after 45 years of hard work, perseverance, and a commitment to the comfort needs of wearers worldwide, Paul Carroll was inducted into the National Footwear Retails Association Hall of Fame for his contribution to the Australian footwear industry.

    Since 2017, Klouds and Silver Lining have broken new ground, reached new heights and continued to bring fashion inspired comfort footwear to women worldwide. With every season brings new challenges and hurdles, however Klouds remains a brand that pushes the boundaries of orthotic footwear with unique designs, innovative technology and quality materials.