Shoe Care



Your leather shoes go through many steps and processes to be perfectly curated into its end result. Some leathers are able to sustain rougher use while others are more delicate!

Before the deep cleaning process starts, give your leather shoes a quick clean from dust and dirt with a soft brush or polish cloth.

Below are some tips from us on how to take care of your leather (and other material) shoes.

Cara Pebble


On finished leather I.e patent leather, use a mild soap and damp cloth to clean the surface of the shoes. 

Avoid sponges as they can contain chemicals harmful to the leather.


On un-finished leather, use a soft brush or polish cloth mixed with a bit of soap and work in circles to clean the shoe. For tougher stains, use a bit of pressure.


Be pro-active instead of reactive and spray your suede shoes with a waterproofing spray.

We love them but it’s best to avoid wearing them on the wettest of days.

If a mishap does take place, use a suede cleaner with a soft rubber brush. If the stain persists, use rubbing alcohol, white vinegar or a suede solution!

Ensure your cloth is damp, do not drench the cloth or the shoe. 
Rub & let dry.


Waterproofing is your new best friend. Waterproof your shoes today and avoid dirt and stains.

Waterproofing your shoes acts as a barrier between your shoes and the harsh environmental factors that could damage the fibres on your shoes. Great on Gore-Tex shoes and even your clothes and bags!

If damage has occurred, grab a soft bristle brush or damp sponge and rub gently. Do not soak the shoe as you may damage the sole of the shoe.



Your shoes deserve to be worn & our Polyurethane soles (more commonly known as PU soles) provide you with a light-weight, cushioned wearing experience. 

We discourage storing your shoes in a dark, enclosed space (like a box) for longer than 9 months as this can cause the sole material to begin to breakdown. 

Wearing your shoes out and allowing them to breath, even for short periods of time will ensure their longevity.

HANDY tips...

washing your kross sport.

Your Kross Sports will last you a very long time if you take great care of them.

Wash your Klouds Kross Sport sneakers with cold water only (and by hand). 

Let them air dry overnight & avoid exposing them to direct heat for drying like a hairdryer or sunlight!


got squeaky shoes?

Your shoes are squeaking because of trapped air or moisture. Use candle wax! Rub some on the outside or bottom of your insoles. Remember, less is more, you can add more wax but you can't take it off! 

Or sprinkle baby or talcum powder over the shoe sole and then pop your orthotic back in. 

Let the powder sit overnight before rubbing off the excess.

protecting your shoes.

Shoes hate moisture! Avoid getting them wet & if you can't, spray them with waterproofing spray.

Do them a favour and keep them away from dust & over exposing them in sunlight as well. Although the sun will reduce any odour,  it will also cause your shoes to lose their beautiful colour.